Today- I bring you my first fashion post! Going into this “blogging thing” I thought to myself, how hard could this actually be? The answer is, freaking hard. I have a new-found appreciation for all the bloggers out there who make this look easy. I spent half the time frantically attempting to dress myself and my offspring in my Mini Cooper, the other half was dedicated to running after him in full sprint. Many ask, how do you find time to work out? The truth is, I don’t! I have no doubt that running after an 18-month old is more than enough cardio to meet my 30 minutes a day requirement. I laugh so hard looking at these pictures because my crew (photog and baby wrangler) and I literally just ran around for 2 hours chasing River. Many thanks goes out to my photographer, Yesi, and baby wrangler/ bff, Andrea, who both have more patience than most.

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